March 16, 2018

How to Use Windows 10 On-screen Keyboard Step-by-Step Tutorials

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Hi friends, welcome to Windows 10 tutorials for beginners and in this Windows 10 tutorial you are going to see how to enable or turn on the on-screen keyboard in Windows 10 OS. It also explains the On-screen keyboard options in detail to better understanding and future customization of the keyboard tool in Win 10. Before going to the step by step tutorial, see an overview of onscreen keyboard tool.

What is Windows 10 On-Screen Keyboard?

Windows 10 onscreen keyboard is also a keyboard like in your desktop or laptop. But main difference is you can’t access it by physical touch like in your pc. The functions of the both keyboards are same, which gives input to computer. All the keys in your physical and onscreen keyboard are same. If you are using the touch display pc’s, you can access it via touch screen also.

windows 10 tutorials onscreen keyboard mini keyboard view

On-screen keyboard is having an additional features control box called “options”, in which you can enable the additional features of the virtual keyboard. You can enable the sound while clicking the keys, enable numerical keypads, text predictions, automatic space insertion after prediction and hover features.

On-screen keyboard is useful when your actual keyboard is not working properly or some damage happen to it. You can use the mouse or touchscreen to access the virtual keyboard in your windows 10 operating system. The on-screen option is available in the previous versions of windows such as Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Let us see how to enable or access the Onscreen keyboard in windows 10 step by step tutorial.

How to Enable Onscreen Keyboard

Click on your “Windows 10 StartMenu” to open it.

how to use windows 10 onscreen keyboard select start menu search keybopard step-1

Then start to enter the text in to search bar like “keyboard or onscreen keyboard”. It automatically search the keyword and give the results related to the keywords. You can the “On-screen keyboard” in below image which appear in windows startmenu.

windows 10 tutorial select onscreen keyboard desktop app from windows 10 start menu

Move your mouse pointer to “on-screen Keyboard” and click on it to open it.

onscreen keyboard windows ten

Then your pc virtual or on-screen keyboard will appear and you can start the typing texts in to Microsoft word, powerpoint, excel, notepad, wordpad etc applications. You can find this keyboard from the control panel of your pc too.

Onscreen Keyboard Options

windows 10 tutorials onscreen keyboard options explained

  • Use Click Sound: To enable sound of the keys and you can hear the key pressing sound while clicking on it.
  • Turn on Numerical Keypad: to enable the numerical keypad like in the bigger keyboards. The keyboard above is mini keyboard and full keyboard including numerical keypad shown below.
windows 10 tutorials onscreen keyboard full keyboard including numerical keypad

To use On-Screen Keyboard:
  1. Click on keys: You have to click on the keys to type the letters in the document software interfaces.
  2. Hover Over keys: To type text, just place your mouse pointer on the keys. It will automatically scans and when hover complete the letter entered on your document typing interface.
You can also adjust the hover duration from shorter to longer by moving the horizontal scroll right or left.
  1. Scan through Keys: Select keys by scanning through game keypads, keyboards (special key) or use mouse click to scan the letter and enter in it.
  2. Text Prediction: While entering a letter or combination of letters, the prediction system predicts the words.
This is the Windows 10 tutorials for Onscreen keyboard and its options explained.
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