September 10, 2018

How to Convert Image Text to Editable or Searchable Text Tutorial

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Convert Scanned Image to Editable PDF/Text

This is a video tutorial of Nitro Pro PDF software helps to convert scanned image pdf documents to editable and searchable pdf/text within 2 to 3 clicks. Nitro pro software is one of the best pdf creator editor software helps to make editable pdf from scanned image documents. It uses OCR technology (optical character recognition) which enables the ability to do the same with scanned images pdf.

Steps to make editable PDF from Images

  1.  install the Nitro pro pdf software on your computer
  2. Select scanned image and make image files into pdf using nitro pro pdf software.
  3. then, go to Edit option of nitro pro software
  4. click on OCR option from the edit tab. 
  5. Select either make searchable or make searchable and editable option
  6. click ok.
This way you can create searchable and editable pdf/text using nitro pro software. See full Nitro Pro PDF tutorials for beginners.

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